Historic Wall Manor

BlueprintHistoric Wall Manor

Designed by the noted Chicago architect, S. B Prindle, in 1910 for his Honor, Judge Warner A. Wall and family this imposing country residence here in the small, historic Civil War era town of Mound City, Illinois was completed in 1913 and remained under the stewardship of the Wall family descendants into the early years of the twenty-first century.

Situated atop what is rumored to be the remains of an ancient Native American temple mound echoing back to the “Mississippian” mound building period of approximately one thousand years ago the house today appears to stand on a low earthen “pedestal” giving the appearance that it is slightly above and removed from the more modest dwelling places that surround it.  The spacious square block grounds that surround this residence further enhance the sense of specialness, contributing to the distinctive atmosphere that has made the manor the noteworthy local and regional landmark that it is.

Of particular interest is the unique architectural style of the residence.  Incorporating classical revival, Victorian and Romanesque elements blended into a pleasing architectural whole – including some Mission-style interior details – this edifice affords a fascinating study for those interested in historic American architectural styles of that early period.  Additional features of note include a basement level constructed entirely in reinforced concrete, an exquisite inlaid patterned tile floor for the spacious veranda and what is believed to be the first indoor built-in vacuum system for a residence in southern Illinois.

Today Wall Manor welcomes visitors and guests who wish to experience this enchanting country residence.  Whether lounging back on the great veranda enjoying a glass or two of fine wine, listening to classical music in one of the two elegant, antique-filled parlors or just wishing to get away to experience a quiet setting that harks back to a more elegant, gracious and slower-paced way of life removed from the fast-paced hustle of the present day world, Wall Manor has something unique and memorable just for you.