Wall Manor is situated just three short blocks from the picturesque Ohio River here in Mound City.  A public-access boat
ramp and a lovely five-mile long scenic roadway atop the river levee provides a pleasant alternate means for either walking, biking or driving down to the neighboring historic community of Cairo, Illinois (,_Illinois).  Fort
Defiance Park, at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, is truly a must-see experience providing the visitor a breathtaking experience of the coming together of these two greatest of our continental rivers (

Hunting and fishing have long been popular game sports in this area for those so inclined.  In addition, the Cypress Creek
Wildlife Refuge ( is close by providing the visitor with a truly outstanding opportunity to experience this precious natural resource.

In recent decades many fine and outstanding wineries have established themselves in this far-southern part of the state.  Often offering the visitor the added experience of fine dining in picturesque settings a number of these establishments are within a half hours drive or less from the manor here in Mound City.  The Shawnee Wine Trail ( is a excellent place to start.

During the Civil War Mound City, along with nearby Cairo, Illinois, were the setting for some of the most important events in that period of our history.  During that great conflict the largest Union military hospital was located here in Mound City.  Before relocating in nearby Cairo, General Grant’s original headquarters were located here in town in the St. Charles Hotel, now destroyed.  Nearby, along the banks of the Ohio River, the Mound City Marine Ways served as the largest ship-building operation on either the Ohio or Mississippi River systems.  A number of the great ironclad battle cruisers of the war were constructed at this facility, contributing mightily to the Union victory over the Confederacy with the securing of these great river ways.  Although the hospital no longer survives some masonry and iron traces of the naval shipyard can still be observed along the banks of the nearby river.

Less than a half mile outside of Mound City is the Mound City National Cemetery ( where both Union and Confederate troops are buried.  Established in 1863 this sacred national treasure is the final resting place of over five thousand veterans from every military conflict dating back to the Civil War and is one of our  nation’s oldest military cemeteries.  Today the grounds continue to be meticulously maintained, which include numerous historic monuments and a historic caretaker’s cottage restored to its original Victorian appearance and which now functions as a local museum featuring the history of both the park and the surrounding area.

The Shawnee National Forest (, the only national forest in Illinois, is one of the states truly great assets.  Within less of an hours drive over picturesque country roads from Wall Manor and Mound City this great forested tract extents roughly from the eastern palisades of the Mississippi River valley eastward to the Wabash River valley bordering the state of Indiana.  Within can be found numerous fine state parks offering accommodations, hiking trails and other recreational facilities.